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A Special Place,
A Secret Place

Nature is the driving force in my art and life. A few years ago, I experienced while on one of my many trail walks, an incredible awakening, all at once feeling an excitement, elation, and peace. I felt a oneness with Nature, and realized just how powerful and how important Nature is to us all. From that day forward, the forest was my retreat, and was there for me whenever I needed to find peace, clarity and joy.

My recent collection of work, “A Conversation With Trees” explores the ancient law of life (birth, decay, death, regeneration), the spirit of the forest, and our connection to trees. It's the result of years of close observation of trees and the resulting discovery that we all have a place that is special to each of us – a secret place, where one feels their authentic self, protected and inspired – mine is a forest.

Please drop by the Colborne Art Gallery, and re-connect with trees and nature and join me for "A Walk in the Woods" August 19th to September 24th, Thursday to Sunday from 12-4pm. I will be doing an artist talk at the opening on Saturday August 19th between 2-4 pm. I look forward to your visit.